Landscape Construction

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Our construction crews have been installing a wide range of landscape solutions for over 20 years, ranging from large scale, multi-use residential projects to small scale plantscapes and paver areas. With 80 years combined of landscape construction experience, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and hard work.

We have multiple crews creating unique landscape solutions throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our design team works hand-in-hand with the construction management team to produce cost effective and unique solutions for a range of landscape issues. You will find that the construction element of your project will be both fun and exciting and you will be given the opportunity to interact with the actual construction of your outdoor dream!

Calvin Landscape is committed to providing you with premium customer service, including determined and professional employees, a knowledgeable diverse staff of skilled and talented craftsmen, and an expert construction manager that you can communicate with throughout the construction process.

From design to construction, Calvin Landscape will fulfill your landscape needs and meet your project goals. With knowledge in virtually every landscape construction arena, our crews look forward to meeting your landscape challenge.