Lawn Care Programs

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Calvin Landscape has designed a program that will give you the thickest greenest lawn possible. By tailoring our treatments to meet your lawn’s ever changing needs, we can formulate the best application for your lawn. Our hands-on approach allows us to diagnose your lawn as treatments are applied, allowing us to pinpoint lawn problems.

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Chemical care programs
Grub and pest control
Vegetation control


6 applications per year
(5 fertilization / 1 winterizer)

FERTILIZATION: Five granular feedings per season. Each feeding promotes thick and vibrant green grass with a vigorous root system.

WINTERIZER: Application of a high nitrogen fertilizer in late fall helps prepare the lawn for winter and promotes healthy, greener turf in spring.
CRABGRASS PREVENTION: A pre-emergent application in early spring helps control crabgrass before it becomes a problem.

BROADLEAF WEED CONTROL: Liquid herbicides target over 40 of the most common weeds such as dandelions and chickweed.

Applications vary per site

AERATION: Aeration removes small cores of soil, improving the flow of air, water, and fertilizer to the root zone where it is needed. This process is essential for a healthy root system and a more beautiful lawn. We recommend aerating the lawn in the spring and fall.
OVERSEEDING: Overseeding is typically done in combination with aeration, but can be done exclusively. Overseeding promotes a thicker and healthier overall turf
GRUB & PEST CONTROL: Our grub prevention treatment is applied in early summer, and has season long control to prevent grubs from feeding and destroying your turf.
VEGETATION CONTROL: We apply a non-selective herbicide to help control weeds and other unwanted vegetation that grow in landscape beds, sidewalks and curbs, gravel drives and other non-turfgrass areas.