Maintenance Overview

Calvin 10696

Since 1986, Calvin Landscape has been maintaining beautiful lawns and landscapes for customers throughout the Indianapolis area. Through the years, we have increased our services to include total lawn and landscape maintenance service. Excellent service and reliability have set us apart.

Once your complete landscape package has been installed, it is important to protect your investment by keeping up on required maintenance tasks to maintain that fresh look and a healthy landscape. We’ll provide you with different options and recommendations for maintaining your beautiful landscape.

Our skilled maintenance staff will complete a customized estimate to fit your property. Included in the estimate will be recommendations for quarterly maintenance tasks to be performed, pricing for different levels of maintenance, and new ideas to spruce up your landscape at key times in the growing season and beyond. We can provide you with year-round maintenance or a one-time maintenance “clean up” to fit your more specific needs.

Our list of services include:

LAWN MOWING: Weekly lawn maintenance includes mowing, trimming, and blowing off clippings.
MULCHING: We recommend mulching once a year. We provide the highest grade mulch available, with a variety of mulches to choose from to custom fit your property.
PRUNING: Pruning services are provided for proper growth, shaping, and desired effect.
ANNUAL / PERENNIAL INSALLATION: Add some color to your landscape with annuals and perennials. Watering guidelines and plant identification is also provided.
LEAF REMOVAL: Depending on what type and size of trees you have, we customize our estimate to your property with recommendations on frequency.
VEGETATION CONTROL: Hand weeding of beds and out-of-control spaces.
LANDSCAPE LIGHTING & IRRIGATION: Replacement of outed bulbs and bad sprinkler heads, as well as, yearly valve tests, backflow tests, time set, system check, etc.

If you have a maintenance request, just ask us. We can most likely take care of it for you!