Tree & Shrub Management

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With as much effort and money that you invest into your landscape, it’s important to protect your plant materials from unwanted pest and disease infestation. Our program is designed to give you chemical application options in treating some of the most common and complex disease and insect problems.

The application amount and mixture is formulated by your specific problem, targeting and confronting the issue directly. Our licensed applicators and accredited horticulturalists can assist you with service options and infestation diagnosis.

(4-5 Applications Per Year)

DEEP ROOT FERTILIZATION: Jumpstart your plants in spring or fall with a deep root fertilization.
DISEASE CONTROL: Some plants are susceptible to specific diseases such as bacteria, root rot, and leaf scorch.
PEST MANAGEMENT: Get rid of the pesky aphids, Japanese beetles, bore worms and more, in a way that is healthy for your plants.
FUNGUS CONTROL: Fungicide application can rid your plants and mulch of unwanted fungi.